Decent players create your own blacklist

  • Just FYI want to share what I do to avoid quitters - I now take screenshots + add nicknames to my own database and disconnect in the beginning of the game in case I spot quitter from the list.

    Before that of course tell 3rd/4th player about the fact and why I quit.

    Until some more sophisticated way is available this works quite fine even though today alone I again didn't finish any of 5 games and added 6 more people to the list :/

    So pathetic to see people not being able to play, read rules, take a lose in case they are to blame for it and how to reconnect in case of a bug at the same time every fucking quitter knows how to force-close the game. Grrrr.

  • I do the same.
    Do you know where I can send a screenshot?
    And on the other hand. Maybe we can just do an open list here.
    I can give u some names.

  • You do realize that this behavior only increases people quitting games, right?

    Also it should be against the rules to publicly throw around names of other players, accusing them of things.

  • @gorlanius I just use print screen + paint and save images on my pc in case in future someone doubts what I said about a player.
    There are also multiple online photo hosting servers - just google.
    As for the open list here - at the moment administrators are strictly against it and in case you will do so posts are edited and you might be banned.

    @Stroom How do you see banlist increasing people quitting games? Number itself yes, but I mean do you better spend 30+ min on a game to in the end face a quitter or would better know that one/multiple players you are about to play vs are actually quitters and not "waste" your time making sure of the fact - as we know quitters are very active and very consistent?

    As for the publicity this is what I have advised to @Administrator multiple times - if you have a proof (for example in my cases at least half of quitters first rage in chat or even openly admit quitting) I really see no reason why that would be offensive.

    I have quit games but before I do that I always say that in chat, add my reasoning and am ok with facing consequences - losing ELO, being viewed as potential quitter etc.

    I think at the moment we are protecting quitters as some species about to be extinct just because...they are active? there are many of them? Which makes no sense to me as if you read this forums quitter problem appears way to often and either will have to go in the end - question is will it be "normal" players or "quitters" + newbs who dont want to read rules, learn etc. just want to be lucky with dice and click around.

    Me personally have stopped playing this game as soon as I have 2 unfinished games, I just call it a day then and don't even try.

  • @mrolimpia112 You know what the main problem about all of this is? The fact that Catan Universe is a total garbage and they still FORCE players to play on it rather than open registration to PlayCatan until they fix their... stuff. People have to deal with quitters and bad players only because all the good old players are playing on PlayCatan right now. And they are completely right to play there rather than in CU. In fact PlayCatan was reopened only because so many players complained about it. Now there isn't such a big uprising to open registration because the new players don't know how good PlayCatan actually was. It is like heaven compared to this hell. You are a basically forced to be an unpaid software tester for the Catan Universe team right now.
    @Administrator If you intend to change this and close PlayCatan (again) you will have a huge backlash of players complaining that your development is bad. Why don't you let everyone play on a platform that actually WORKS? It will take at least another year to get your stuff in line. Everything about this stinks. You do not care about the players if you let this keep happening for so long. You would have a much better online community if you let the players use the best platform to play Catan. People would still pay for PlayCatan but your own product is still maybe 3 years behind the previous one. Get some common sense, please!

  • @Stroom thanks for the tip, I actually thought PlayCatan is no longer available...I guess it is :)

  • I played a total of NINE games today, and the other players quit in every single game. So aggravating. It's unbelievable that people can be this petty. I can understand if both players are being malicious against a third player. Quitting is justified in that instance, but these nine games were people quitting simply because they were losing. And, two of the games, a player just refused to roll for as long as possible, and then quit eventually. So frustrating.

  • Welcome to CU :)

    My blacklist currently holds ~50 people (nicknames) majority being quitters.

    That helps especially if you are as said matched vs. same people due to system settings.

    Except one day where I added 3 people within 17 min I guess I manage to play normally even though same old truth is present - I usually end up being 2nd or 3rd as majority of the game I am winning people quit.

  • The fact that people have to create blacklists of bad players or guilds to play with good players shows that there are very serious problems with how the game creation system is made.

  • And it also shows that there are a lot of bad people or at least bad players :)

  • Admins, update your spamlist please

  • They've added a block feature so I block those that do this, play too slow, rude, etc

  • I think a partial solution forELO quitters is to (1) agree to have AI sub for them and (2) have the results of the game count against their ELO. I think that the combination of the sometimes unusual placement of initial settlements of a human player with the quirky things that AI can do in a game will go along way to having the quitter/AI player come in last and have a bad effect on ELO. Saying it another way, the 60-90 seconds that a human player has to pick initial settlement locations combined with things like the AI's occasional desire to put the robber on the desert or to try to rob itself will go a long way towards stopping the ELO quitters. The worst of both worlds. Then ELO quitters would be a little more likely to stay in the game to protect their ELO; second or third is better for your ELO than fourth. I know this going to penalize players who truly have lost their internet connection, but the effect on the vast majority of us is the same whether the player leaves because he is behind, lost his internet connection or needed a bathroom break/something came up/incoming phone call.

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