Development card usage by player

  • I like to see who has used the most development cards. Yet I just played a road building card (eg: basic game) and it didn't appear in any of the icons near me on the screen. Was hoping to be able to add the unplayed development cards, the played knight cards, and perhaps that lower-left white square to account for the card usage. It isn't working yet, but is it part of a future plan?

  • Heya, it should definitely be there - you should see a count of un-played Development Cards in white next to the counts for players cards.

    So beneath the avatar for each player are two card counts: the one on the left is the resources, the one on the right is the development cards they are sitting on (unplayed).

    For the played cards, you'll notice a symbol next to the VP count for each player that looks like a notepad. Each time a player plays a DC, it goes there. Unless they play a knight, which gets counted by the shield symbol.

    I can't link a screen shot here, but hopefully the description helps?

    The counts definitely work in my games...

  • how nice of you to reply with a detailed, descriptive answer. I think / hope I'm applying the same method you described when counting development cards. It seems to me that there are inconsistencies in the final count, so that at the end of the game there may be 23 -25 cards accounted for when looking at game statistics. Sometimes all of them, but sometimes not all. Those aren't your findings?

  • @Miton Hmm, I will have to check next time I play. I haven't noticed any inconsistencies myself, but perhaps wasn't paying as much attention in every game. Are you including VP cards (I presume you are including knights) in your mental tallies?

  • I am counting "remaining development cards" from final statistics info, adding the unplayed development cards in each players hand (includes VP cards), adding their knights, and any count in the "notepad" icon. Today's count was 24 for me. Am thinking this is a technical oversight of some sort. It is really nice to see the stats, in any case.

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