Auto match options

  • Given ELO is reset time to time until game is totally stable I would suggest to give Experience more weight in matchup.

    Now like 3rd day in a row I am matched up with total nubs... people who don't know C&K rules, what progress cards do etc. I mean total nubs.

    And I am faced with either case of playing those games till the end and battle for 2nd or 3rd because nubs tend to fuck up balance of the game fast, or just quit because it is such a waste of time (they take turns forever) and annoying due to fast 2 vs 1 game scenario...

  • Getting back to matchup maker / resetting ELO / must play tutorial etc.... something has to be done.

    After ELO rest and me resting at ~1020 I am paired up with people (examples just from today not mentioning quitters):

    • how can I move black ship?
    • yes i dont know all the cards and what they do?
    • i can't discard....(i advise to reconnect)... dont tell me what to do i have PhD!
    • people who place totally awkward and due to that are not in the lead ==> a ) quit b ) team up with winning player as soon as I advise them how to play (will not mention calling me dick etc.).

    I mean I didnt finish none of today's games and not because i was not even leading but because those nubs just took all the time in the world, used any possibility where game timer freezes and after 30 min of play we were still nowhere in 15 point games...probably after that they call me quitter :)

    So this does not work out for anyone...skilled players must be spared of these players. Dont know you matchmaker system but it does not work well thats for sure.

    Plus mandatory tutorial is still thing I strongly advise @Administrator

  • As you can see... Matchmaker is BAD for Catan. You have too few concurrent players to make it work. The matchmaker will always put everyone together regardless of their stats. A part of the problem is that you are only punishing bad players. Punishments can be avoided in online games by simply creating a new account to reset everything. Players need bonus points for not leaving the games so they will be put into the same games with similar good players. You can't get these bonus points with new accounts. So you can allow people to leave games etc but it does not affect players who have a lot of bonus points for being good players. No need to make banning threats.

    It seems like the goal is just to get as many games started as possible instead of giving good gaming experience. A lobby would be much easier to use by the experienced players and helps create better quality games because everyone can see beforehand what the other players are like. Yes, it is harder to learn for the newer players but who cares about that. It is still quite intuitive to see a list of games and choose one.

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