• I love playing Catan and usually play just single player. Stepped out of my comfort zone tonight to play multi-play. Had one player who had issues with me and used quite a lot of profanity. I did not reply except to say it was only a game and the name calling got worse. Really? Are most gamers so crude? I'd like to play with others, I'm not great but I like to play and both win and lose with grace. Don't some of you realize I could be either a child or just an older lady or a 30-something who likes games. In any case cussing and slander are not really necessary.

  • Hi Fidgette, I have had a few issues like that myself. You can report the player by emailing the mods (, ideally with a screen shot that shows the chat window and abusive content. They investigate and act on it. It is definitely not usual behaviour, or isn't supposed to be, and is totally against the community ethos.

    I also find playing with auto-match rather than quick-match minimises that, as players need to be registered to play in auto-match.

    The mods are also working on a function to allow you to block players like that, so you never get matched against abusive players or poor sports again.

  • @BlueMythril Thank you for responding. I'll use the auto-match. Thanks for the advice.

  • @Fidgette It´s very unpleasant to meet players like that. My first game of online Catan was like that, and I was frightened to play again for months. But then I dared to try again, and I met mostly nice people :smiley: since. Every now and then you encounter a very nasty person, but they are the exception, not the rule. Sooner or later all abusive players get reported and blocked. :smirk:

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