Game freeze bug again?? So infuriating

  • I was playing against two awesome people, we were having fun, and for the first time in FOREVER it was looking like I was going to be able to win a game without someone quitting.

    Then the bug of doom set in. One player's game went into meltdown - timer came up, looking like he'd left the game. He hadn't, the timer stopped and he was back again. But now he couldn't see it as his turn. So he tried to refresh, but never made it back in time. He was on browser, the rest of us were desktop. Also, while we were waiting - with baited breath - for him to return, the chat window stopped working too.

    I should also add, that I would have won on my last roll, before all the crazy started. Except that the dice rolled without my doing anything (I've re-bound the hot keys and was no where near the roll button - I was part way through trading what I needed for my city). I was not under time-limit or anything. So seems like the glitches started then.

    I have screenshots from the end of all this, can send them through.

    But I cannot express how blood-boilingly infuriating this all is. Even though this is the first time I have seen this glitch since the last update (so clearly that fixed a lot of bugs). But for it to happen on the FIRST GAME where players weren't being quitters when I was winning - I've been soooo patient with all the bugs and the serial poor-sportsmanship, but today, I felt like smashing something.

    Even after such a fun game with fun people :(

    Any ETA @administrators on the rolling out of the features to deal with the quitter problem? Even just a broad time frame?

    Anyway, this post was primarily to report the freeze bug. The rest is just spill-over ranting, because I was a hair's breadth away from earning ELO points for the first time in ages - only to be thwarted by a bug I haven't seen since the last update. Which I now only care about as I have noticed the length of time I wait for games increasing exponentially in tandem with my ELO plummeting, because the only games I win these days are those that involve a quitter's AI.

    I guess I should I'll pop the rage back in the box now, and send you through that screen shot :(

  • Yet @Administrator does not allow you to play on PlayCatan. Not caring about future customers at all. You are more valuable as software testers because they can cut down on actually having a competent QA.

  • Having had my big rant earlier today, I decided to try another game.

    Not only did I get to finish it and win, without any quitters (kudos to green and yellow - you guys were awesome players!), but it was also matched so much more quickly than usual. So I feel a bit mollified now - and a lot less ragey

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