Time limit not active

  • Today had a case where player said brb and didn't roll - actually a quitter.

    But weirdly enough game kept his turn even after 5+ min.

    Screenshot where you can see that it was just his turn + chat which was done during 3 min time and still no roll.

    EDIT by @administrators

    EDIT by @administrators

    p.s off topic - in this game again EDIT by @administrators was unregistered matched with me via automatch...

  • administrators

    @mrolimpia112 Thanks for the report. We are looking into it why the timer didn´t passed the turn. I can´t seem to follow you what makes you guess that the useres in the games weren´t registerd users. There is no way for unregistered useres to claim a username or to enter an Auto-Match.

  • I assume all registered users are to be found in ELO leaderboard, ones who are not => unregistered?

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