Unregistered players

  • Given unregistered players usually misbehave more + are newbies I would suggest putting them into special group.

    No ELO or skill or anything + not being able to play vs registered players / players with positive ELO/skill level above 1 (or maybe up to 3).

  • administrators

    @mrolimpia112 Please note: As an registered player you will only be matched against unnamed /unregistered players when using the Quick-Match (soon to be renamed to Free-Match) matchmaking. You should try the Auto-Match option.

  • @Administrator well that seems not to be the case or then ELO-leaderboard does not contain all registered users...

    Given I have been using client from day 1 as registered user "quick match" option was never available to me.

    Still as you can see from my posts I constantly play vs unregistered users / people who can't be found in ELO-leaerboard...

  • @Administrator

    Really guys whats up with people who are not registered?

    First question @Administrator are unregistered players ones which are not to be found in ELO leaderboard or there are other type of reasons / players who are registered BUT NOT to be found in ELO leaderboard?

    Second question @Administrator if unregistered = players who are not in ELO leaderboard - can you PLEASE not match registered players with unregistered when auto-match option is chosen (as it has been mentioned by you before)? It is still happening!!!

    Finally @Administrator if unregistered players does not mean the same as ones which are not listed in ELO leaderboard can you PLEASE not match people who ARE in ELO leaderboard with people WHO ARE NOT in ELO leaderboard?!

    Ones I call unregistered => not to be found in ELO leaderboard quit so much more than ones who are in ELO.

    Like again today's example - have 3 people from ELO, we have a tough long game all good.
    Next game I start, finishes quite fast by player placing wrongly, falling behind, ragequit - not to be found in ELO.
    Next game, same fucking thing...

    I mean how hard that can be to disable that matchup?!

    I am ALWAYS using auto-match option (quick match in multiplayer not available actually) and I keep getting those nubs playing vs me. Damn frustrating to say the least!

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