Catan Universe bugs/fixes

  • Why was the homepage taken down before this client was operationall? How many months has it been up now? Are there still coders working on it or have they given up?

    On the homepage we had hundreds of people each day, now theres like 6-7 people playing. Fixes needs to be made!

    Why are some things in german and some things in english? I assume that releasing a patch to fix that would take 2mins

    Why does the chatwindow cut lines? If you write more than 6-7 words they go out side the box and cant be read.

    The speedcommands should just be removed, N and Space or whatever they are since all they do is to fuck your round when you answer a question while its your turn. You end your turn by writing "n" in the chatwindow while its your turn, thats just not right.

    If Player A offers a trade, I should be able to alter that offer with what Id actually accept.

    When starting an Automatch, the basesetting should be "Basic Game, 3-4 Players, First Island, Random Map" nothing else, thats the most basic setting there is.

    The cost for leaving a game, by closing the browser, using the Quit button, lagging out, pulling the tp cable, it should all be the same since it would be the same for everyone. You should get a 24 hour ban before being able to play again for a first time offense. If it happens 3 times within 10 games you should be sitebanned. And every time someone leaves a game, the remaining players should all get a bonus to their Exp and Elo since the game was ruined for them, not the option to play against AI for only Exp.

    I love this game, its the best boardgame in the world and this place used to be the best online place to play but this new catanuniverse client, the way it is right now, is complete garbage. Fix all these things and I bet devoted players like myself would start throwing in donations to keep this place alive.

    Sorry for the rant, I just want a nice place to play Settlers of Catan with good people since I cant get my friends to play against me anymore :P

  • I agree with most of what you said up there minus the subject of quitting. I got 4 stars karma. It means I finish games, also when I am clearly going to lose early on.

    However, sometimes you are against an opponent who is just a shitty person and you don't want to play with them anymore. Sometimes one player is gone and every action/turn of theirs times out and takes the maximum amount of time.

    As to free xp - just like I don't think a kid should get ice cream because he looks at another kid with ice cream and says "it's not fair".. I think one player quitting has nothing to do with getting free points of any kind.

    If they fix the bugs there will be more players.. and if there are more players, they can use the karma system better to match quitters with quitters and stayers with stayers.

    Maybe they need to introduce a forfeit feature where is all players agree on a winner, the game ends to save time. I wouldn't let my friends quit in the middle of a real catan game, but I would never not allow someone to forfeit. Being a sore winner is as bad as the flip side.

  • To me it doesnt matter how shitty an opponent is. When you sit down and play this game you play it until its done. That said, there should be a timelimit to your turn that is clearly visible somewhere. Same with trades, even if a person doesnt have the "Reject all trades" button clicked, if he doesnt click anything within 5 seconds hes rejected. This would speed up everyones round monstrously.

    There could also be a function that if more than 50% of the table, that is 2 people in a 3man game and 3 people in a 4man game can vote to kick a player from the match. This would be used for players that just sit there without doing anything or players that write obnoxious things in chat. They get some form of penalty, like a 4 hour ban. If the same player gets kicked multiple times, siteban. If the same person initiates kicks every game, that person is doing it for a single purpose and thats to ruin it for others so he should get a siteban. I dont understand why there arent stricter rules. Were all grownups and behaving accordingly shouldnt even have to be enforced, it should be a given.

    Yesterday I played with a player named [Edit by: @administrators ] or something like that, he left 3 games after only 5-6 rounds because he got blocked. That player should either be [Edit by: @administrators ] l or atleast sitebanned, he has no right to be playing against other people.

    I might be abit harsh, but I just really dont think it should in any way be allowed to leave or ruin a game. Everyone lags out once in a while, no biggie, but if it happens 50% of your games, youre pulling your tp cabel to get out of a situation youre not skilled enough to handle.

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