Chat word wrap

  • I guess noone has pointed out the fact that chat is not wrapping words thus after character X your sentence just goes out of the chat window...

    Please introduce word wrapping / max message char limit.

  • @mrolimpia112 Yeah, it was raised by many of us with the big update ago first messed with the chat, and we hit the wrapping problem for the first time).

    Sadly still not fixed. Between that, and the issue with hotkeys accepting trades/ending turns, chat is pretty much unusable

  • @BlueMythril

    Someone pointed out to me that you can rebind the hotkeys. When first launching the game (close your existing game and relaunch), go to the input tab and double click on the keys to enter your own key. I use right-ctrl and right-shift.

  • @PersonAD This is a very annoying problem. We play with family mostly and it is nice to talk while we play. between the hot key problem (which i fixed thanks to this forum) and the word wrap issue, it is frustrating. Is there any way to know if they are working on it? I get having a character limit but not wrapping is just bad programming. A simple one line code change and this would be fixed.

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