Java error received multiple times

  • So I've been getting this java error for the past week sometimes when I am playing seafarers. I think i got it in the base game but its been a while since I've last played that. I am using Chrome 53, windows 10. Its a showstopper, making me refresh the screen to get back into the game. If it is a single player game, I dont get an invite to rejoin the game, rendering the game done.

    4 islands


  • administrators

    @BobPlop Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into it. Is your browser the 64-bit version of Chrome? In order to "rejoin" singleplayer games you have to select them in the scenario selection screen and hit the button "continue". Your latest savegame should be loaded.
    Please note: Savegames might be corrupted and not usable after updates/patches during the early access.

  • oh i didnt know that single player was saved. Trying again, my save is there.


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