Weird auto-pilot?

  • Just returned from an enforced break (no internet for two whole weeks!), to the new update.

    All seems to be pretty sweet, with none of the old bugs.

    However, several times I've had my turn roll on within seconds (seriously can't be more than 5-10) of it changing to my turn. Even weirder, I've had trades happen that I didn't authorise! That was surreal - watching my cards fly away while I was finishing a message in the chat box.

    That was when I realised it was only happening when it changed to my turn while I was mid-way through typing a chat text, or when a trade popped up while typing a chat message.

    I'm presuming this is a glitch, rather than intended?

  • administrators

    @BlueMythril Thanks for the feeback. We are already working on that issue. It should be fixed with the next update.

  • @Administrator Awesome :)

  • When this happens to me it's because I am typing in the chat window. Chatting is not possible without changing the bound keys. Currently the bound keys for next turn and submit command are 'n' and space by default... Now nothing would be wrong with that... Except it still accepts those keys as commands when typing in the chat box. So if you happen to by typing something with the letter 'n' and it becomes your turn.. your turn is instantly over.

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