Everything is buggy. Please open Playcatan registration.

  • Everything in the game is buggy. I am using the client on windows 7.

    There are time out errors, request already sent error, when chatting in Game Chat the keystrokes still activate the hotkeys to accept trades and end turns, loading the game to a wooden table error (there are no game pieces or game board), game freeze errors (so everyone has to leave), error where one player ends a turn but the next player can't start his turn.

    There is missing functionality like no 4 player games.

    Then there's the poor interface: When I have all 5 resources the lay over the development cards so I can't read the development cards. Clicking on resource cards or development cards blows it up so large it takes half the screen. The trade menu also takes up too much of the game board so I have to toggle it on and off to refer back to the board. The hotkey to roll the dice and the hotkey to end turn should be different so you never accidentally end your turn. I can't even find what the hotkeys are to accept/reject a trade. The game ends so suddenly I have to guess that other players must have had victory point development cards. There should be better punishment for people leaving a game early, too many people leave games because they're losing or even because the first few rolls aren't in their favour. The countdown timer (if it works) shows next to player name where no one looks. It should be lower down next to the trade menu or end turn icon.

    There are strange delays when you pick a spot to build on, then click a second time to confirm but the second click often cancels the action. When I move the robber the second click never seems to work, I have to use the space bar to confirm the spot.

    In summary this is extremely buggy. Can you please open the registration for Playcatan so I can actually play a normal game.

  • Here's one idea to get players to stop leaving. Have a 4-6 hour hold on their account so they can not play. The losing Karma system is obviously not working.

    I've just had games where 1) a player left because he didn't like the first few rolls and 2) a player left when he didn't get the second settlement where he wanted 3) a player left because I typed in 'gg'. This is really out of hand.

  • The worst part about all of this is the slow reaction time to solve these issues. Maybe just reopen registration to PlayCatan so new players could actually have an opportunity to ENJOY playing Catan online. At the moment this has been horrible for 10 months and you are nowhere near finished with this. It is not really that hard to run PlayCatan separately. Seems like some manager in the line does not care about the players or wants to force players to alpha-test a broken game. Horrible development practices!

  • Here's another bug. The player before me played monopoly and then the time ran out on his turn. The game then gave the monopoly to me. I then selected the resource i wanted to play monopoly on and collected the resource. Then my normal turn began where I rolled the dice, resources were distributed, building phase, etc.

  • Is anyone really here. I started to play a game, got thrown off, now can't seem to find the game just a forum. Did the game get abanded?

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    @Baron-Winston What exatcly do you mean but "can´t seem to find the game?"

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