Game freezes when Merchant card is played

  • I've been playing Cities and Knights solo against 3 AI opponents and for the last week the game has frozen whenever the Merchant card is played. Also, instead of my player being called Legs10, it is given the same name as one of the AI (e.g. Candamir etc), and there are also no comments from the opponents when I offer a trade or do something that the opponents don't like.

    I'm running Windows 10 and playing in Firefox. My Java version is 8, update 101, but the last update was on 10/08/2016 so iand it ran fine until a week ago

  • why does nobody answer????

  • Perhaps PlayCatan isn't as important as the new, shiny, Catan Universe? I tried playing CU recently, it crashed after about 8 moves, so it still doesn't work....

  • I think you are right, but universe is still no alternative, there are too much issues. What a pity!

  • Thanks for the reports. We are looking into it.

  • thank you

  • Thanks Admins

  • I think this is not a PlayCatan issue but an issue with Catan Universe (Because the first player mentioned AI and specifically Candamir)

  • @Stroom Sorry, my first post wasn't very clear. It IS a PlayCatan issue, which is why I posted it in the PlayCatan forum.

  • thanks, the game already works now!!!:thumbsup:

  • @Machal Yes it is working again now.
    @administrators - did your tech guys do anything? I still have the same version of Java, I had cleared my cache/history etc before the original post.

    Anyway, I can play again now which is great. Thanks guys

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