Remove ELO points

  • Hi.

    Yesterday again had a case when person was losing very hard (I got 13 points while person had only 4) and before my last turn person just made hers, realized that I am the winner and quit before the game end.

    I am not pissed about the fact given we pretty much played the whole game up till the last turn but it got me thinking about 2 things:

    1. Why game automatically does not end when someone reaches number of points needed for the win? Maybe you should enable game end as soon as points are reached rather than when it is person's turn who has winning points?

    Let's assume it is a tight game and you have to get 13 points to win. I mean even if there is a chance for people to get 13 or more with their last turn before me (who got 13 points first) "skipping" / making my last turn that would not be fair if I am not the winner. I got the 13 points first and in tight games you might have to go all-in: build unneeded road/ship to get the longest road or some useless settlement etc. But that's the point - you rush to get 13 points first and people who get 13 second or third or fourth or even more points should not matter.

    1. It seem that people do not care so much about experience nowadays and focus on those ELO points (which at the moment makes no sense). Maybe it would be better to just stick with Karma + experience? Karma would ensure worse luck in the game (even though force close of the game still leaves a chance of playing vs. person with same or even better karma while him/her being quitter) and leave experience as only skill parameter?
      Quitters don't get experience points and people could filter just level X above players to make sure they play vs solid ones.

    Thank you for considering.

  • What do you mean by getting 13 second or third? Game ends when the first player reaches the victory conditions. Why the game does not end immediately when you reach that situation? Maybe you are in a tournament and the tournament calculations use your total points for ranking.

    Either way, ending the game in the middle of a players turn without him clicking end game button is not a good User Experience feature. If the problem is the quitters and not getting ELO for that then fix the stupid ELO system not the consequences of it.

    The problem here is that quitters are not penalized by the matchmaker. If you had a lobby then the game host could decide who he wants to play with. People with bad enough karma (or whatever you call it) are just not allowed to join. Matchmaker just puts everyone into the same pot. If enough time passes, the people with bad karma are still matched with good players. Especially with such low number of players.

    I agree that ELO is pointless. People just want to play online. First make the game work so that non-quitters don't play with quitters and later see if you want to include any ranking of players in the system. PlayCatan had 3 metrics: Games started, games quit and games substituted (up to last 99 games).

  • What I mean regarding game ending is that it does not end as soon as required points are reached AND player who gets then finishes his turn.

    Example here was that I had 12 points and biggest army. Player before me rolls, pirates invade, I get 13th point (game winner) but player was still allowed to finish his turn (which he didn't). Adding to that I had to finish mine (pretty much roll and click end turn) which I find pointless. I won game ends period.

    Also that raised a question which I haven't yet seen but which is possible - for example player 1 has 10 points, player 2 11 and I get my 13th point but on player's 1 turn. Technically he could still let's say build something to take away my bonus points (cathedrals / longest road) or on the roll of the player 2 he could get biggest army point. Which might put us in even in 3 way tie...despite the fact that I got 13 points first.

    Game should end as soon as any player hits goal points!

  • You can only win when you have enough points on YOUR turn. This is in the rules and this is how it has always been.

    If something happens that gives you enough points to win on another players turn then you have to wait until it is your turn.

  • Thanks for clarification - must have missed that rule of the game :)

  • Another option is to make leavers lose elo points. Most people don't leave because of bad connection. They only leave when they are about to lose. I have had a series of 14 losses only because I had no games where people stay if I am winning. Karma points are useless cause the community is small and I get matched up with low Karma people.

    So either remove elo system or make them lose elo for leaving.

    Thank you

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