Make Progress/Development cards you hold always visible using a vertical stack

  • Like many I know all of these cards by name and what they do. It's great to be able to bring one up and read it, but not usually necessary.

    Displaying the cards fanned out like the Resource/Commodity cards isn't ideal. Only the top/right card is visible, and to see the other cards you have to actually click on each one, or peek behind when you click on it and see the one below. Multiple clicks every time and the dismissal.

    If the cards were displayed in a vertical stack, the name of each one could be visible at the same time, like this:
    Road Building

    Each card below being visually "on top" of the one above it. There is a card limit so it's not a huge stack. This makes sense as you could see all cards you hold without having to click. The horizontal "fanned" look for these isn't worth the inconvenience.

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