Player loses connection but game doesn't know

  • So I was playing CU with my gf, me on my desktop via ethernet, and her on her laptop in chrome browser via wireless. We have played a few games together just fine, the only bugs being when the AI freezes and we have to restart. A few times she would get a 'Disconnected' error, even though she still has access to the internet just fine. The router is 5 feet away btw. Normally this wasnt a problem, as after 30 seconds the game would 'find' her connection again. However...

    Last night the game never gave her a disconnection problem but it did effectively disconnect her. For me, the game kept moving on and she still saw that it was the AI's turn. She obviously didnt see any of the actions that were taken place. And when it finally got to her turn, the game was just stuck there, it didnt know what to do. The round timer wasnt working either.

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    @BobPlop Thanks for the detailled report, we are looking into it. Have you /your gf tried to close the game and load again?

  • I am on the desktop client so I can't close the game without quitting. Normally she is in the browser, and she would just refresh the page. She was doing that and it wasnt fixing her problem, she still wasn't connected.

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