Game freezes on AI's turn

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    So I recently started playing CU with my gf last week, and already the game has frozen multiple times while it is the AI's turn. We are playing the basic game, I am on the desktop client and she is on the browser. The AI, two of them, are always Rookies. We tried changing the rookie character but it doesnt appear to matter. Sometimes we can get through a full 60+ min game, sometimes we can't. We tried changing the round timer from 180s to 120s, but this didnt impact anything.

    Is there a way to force the AI to move to the next person?

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    @BobPlop Do you recall a special sutiation when the AI Froze up? E.g. the robber was rolled or a certain card was played?

  • I'm glad i took screenshots. The reason is that the game log at least shows what the AI just did, although not what they were thinking.

    Freeze 1:


    • Marianne (Rookie) rolled a 6 (4,2) and received a 1xOre. BobPlop received 2xOre.
    • Marianne builds a road
    • Marianne trades 1xOre for 1xBrick with Lin (Rookie)
    • Freeze


    • Marianne now has a brick and only 3 cards which is not enough for a city. Maybe it wants to build a road if it has grain?
    • Maybe she wants to play one of her dev cards (she has 1)
    • Maybe he is trying to pass the dice?

    Freeze 2:


    • Sigfried (Rookie) rolled a 2 (1,1) and received a 1xLumber. Jgill84 received 1xLumber.
    • Sigfriend trades 1xLumber for 1xGrain with BobPlop (me)
    • Sigfriend trades 2xBrick for 1xOre with BobPlop
    • Freeze


    • Sig now has a grain and an ore. Maybe it wants to build a city or dev card?
    • Maybe he wants to play one of his dev cards (he has 2)
    • Maybe he is trying to pass the dice?

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