CaK: Put Barbarian ship lower, in currently empty screen space

  • The Barbarian ship is an integral part of the CaK game. I think the visual representation and the Barbarian/Knight strength being displayed is good.

    The entire board and the Barbarian track would fit better on a standard widescreen monitor if the Barbarian ship track was lower down, to the left of the main board, instead of in the top left area above the board.

    As is, the whole board must be made smaller to see everything, otherwise part of the Barbarian ship track and the Barbarian/Knight score is obscured by the 1-2 player cards above.

    Love the game, please keep up the good work!

  • Yes that part of the screen is mostly wasted space already.

  • @DarkRider Yes,yes,yes, give us a chance to see the whole board!
    I still miss a "minimize the board" - button. Is it really so difficult to introduce this feature? Other solutions (mouse, keys) don´t work for me.

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