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  • Would be nice to create player database / log file where people could report about certain people misbehavior for further penalties.

    Mainly regarding quitters / people who use "force close / alf+f4" to disconnect from the game etc.

  • administrators

    @mrolimpia112 We are currently working on a report/mute/block option for the players ingame. Also we are intensifying our efforts to track useres which are quitting games on porpuse more easily in order to minmimze this kind of behavior.

  • Please tell me you're close to the block list feature. over 50% of my games end in quits.

  • The problem is that, they actually quit by closing the game itself which counts as losing connection, so in the game clients "mind" they did not "quit" the game, rather they lost internet connection which makes it harder to discern people who really lost their connection vs people that closed their game on purpose. Hopefuly there are ways to track the behaviour of such people and identify the ones that are really quiting by using this method of closing the game client.

  • I think this really should not matter as online gaming always posses this threat and in other games it is treated either my substitution or no-show lose.

    If you know you connection sux - don't play online games.

  • @Corrupted If I have a block list this is irrelevant to me. When people do it... They go on my block list (I already have one going.. I just manually have to refuse to play with them). Would be nice to just not ever get paired up with them in the first place so nobodies time gets wasted.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Corrupted Yes that sucks... but this is where a block list would be good. That guy would be on it... Then you would never be paired with him in a game again... Certainly you can find other a-holes... but at least it will prevent repeats. I have quite a list ready for whenever the list becomes available.... For now I just quit at the start of the game and apologize to the non-quitter player.. but really I'm saving us both time.

  • The pending block/ignore/mute function is the single most important enhancement needed right now!

    Please, include it in the next release!

  • administrators

    @DarkRider It will be! We are currently testing it and so far it is looking good.... as far as i can tell. It seems like i have been blocked by all of our testers :sob:

  • @Administrator LOL...thanks! This will definitely increase the harmony of the universe.

    So...any time frame in mind?

  • @Administrator YESSSSSS

  • You know this is not a permanent solution to the problem? If quick match can be between anyone, even users without an account, then you will still have leavers in the game. If you keep using the matchmaker to find games then eventually it will get VERY slow because of a network of blocked players. Finding a game based on these criterias will take several minutes so people will just go back to using quickmatch and be OK when people quit rather than waiting 10 minutes for a game. A lobby is much easier to implement for a game as small as Catan.

  • administrators

    We always said that this is the first step and after the new tool is implemented on the live servers we will closely watch the data. We will take a close look at the rate of finished games, of games that have been abandoned by at least one player, the number of reports, the number of bocks, etc. etc.

    And based on that we will adapt our already existing concepts of further improvements.

    About the timeframe we are talking about for the next update: We have to test for at least a week or to make sure we covered all the bases. The new tool isn´t trivial and it had to be implmentet deep in our database.

    We want to make sure it runs smoothly and does its job as it should be. A non-functional report tool wouldn´t help anyone, don´t you agree?

  • One more to lol at:

    had a grinding start - only 7s rolled, blue and green placed not very well, eventually had to deconstruct and then this followed:

    I mean players like this MUST LOSE something / to be sorted away from people who do play till the end.

    Looking forward to the database / tool mentioned by admin.

    Meanwhile avoid this sore loser.

  • @Administrator Testing == Good, for sure! When will everyone's elo be reset to 1000? Lots of these quitters have great elo because they don't take losses.

    @Stroom I agree a lobby would be great, I hope we have that eventually. For now I think Quick match just isn't an option because by its nature it will always have people playing who see that game as disposable.

    I think when the Production release of Catan Universe takes off the auto match will succeed just fine. Certainly the majority of players won't be blocked, especially when they know the downside of being abusive or quitting. Making that clear to new players should be a priority.

    I do think a lobby would give everyone a sense that this is a community with real people. It would also be a place where banner messages can be posted by admins - like subtly telling people: Be good.

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