Loading all game screen when refreshing with Chrome

  • Hi guys,

    Actually I used to play using Firefox, but more or less a month ago, it looks like don't accepting loading and running the game in the browser. Is it a common issue for anyone else?

    Therefore, I use Chrome for playing. The problem is, when I start the game with the browser or when a game gets stucked or bugged (which is often, as you may know...) and I refresh the browser, instead of charging the main page (with the guild, basic game, seafarers, etc), it loads all over again the game (with the loading bar) which take some minutes. Of course, that makes me unable to reenter any game I was playing in, because my time as run out... Any solution ? Any ideas of what could be happening?

    Why Firefox does not run the game anymore?

    Why does load Chrome the game every time ?

    Thanks in advance!!

  • @dgv I have had the same experience. I could not open Play Catan or login to Catan Universe after a firefox update. I even had trouble login to the forum for a while.
    I experimented with edge and opera. Edge was very unstable, but opera works very well with Play Catan.
    After all these weeks, I still cannot login to Catan Universe . No matter how often I get a new code and set a new password, I always end up with the following message: "Either your password is incorrect or the account does not exist". USM gave me a ticket for a support page to solve my problem. But the guy there just douted my word and suggested I should get assistence by a friend - to make sure I type in the password correctly! Haven´t heard from them since.

  • PlayCatan is probably blocked because newest browser updates disabled Java applets from being opened. You have to either manually do it or download the program yourself.

    Why Catan Universe doesn't work... I don't know and I don't care until I can still play on PlayCatan.

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