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    Players are just quitting games, over and over, when a player is about to beat them, leaving the winning player unable to make ELO points, regardless of when they win. Players have to luck into "nice" players that finish games, meaning the ELO is all coming from luck.

    Fix this ridiculous glitch. It's pretty easy to do. Winning against AI should still give ELO points. Period. This is a great game, but you guys are ruining it by not fixing or even addressing these issues.

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    @daedalic Thanks for brining this topic up again. We are aware of the fact that the current solution is not ideal for players that play "straight". We are already looking into different aproaches to punish player more which intentionally leave games. We have to ask for your patience until new and advanced systems are in place. But rest assured: We are on it!

  • IMO the source of this problem is that the AI is substituting players. If you make the players substitute games, people would think twice before leaving games. Helps community to stay friendly and so on. If you have AI, people don't really think they are doing anything wrong when they leave.

  • Sub really is a good idea.

  • Allow joining a game as a human substitute
    I think it would be nice to have the option to join an existing game that has been deserted by a quitter . It would help the players who have been left behind. It also could shorten the time spent waiting for a game, when only few players are online.

  • Now that we have a "movement"... A lobby would be a good idea to help with all these "cool new features". :D

  • I wouldn't mind a substituting option (but would be opposed to it being thrust upon people.) I also think a sub should not lose ELO for losing. Make it so they would gain ELO if they win though. This would be an incentive for people to use the sub option.

  • Why the Elo Leader list is not refresh? could we find my position ? and a short list refreshed? thx

  • In agreement to the first post here, here is my recommendation:
    If a player quits and Al replaces them, let the game continue and if the remaining person(s) win, give them the ELO points and take even more ELO points away from the leaving people than if they remained in the game and lost (as punishment). This is happening over and over again. You almost have to surprise the other players by suddenly winning so this doesn't happen. It is very annoying and frustrates "straight" players.

  • I think first they should make the game work reliably. Please do not develop everything at the same time!

    You should make a reliability parameter for all players based on how many games they finish, quit, substitute (yes, I want player substitutions instead of the AI mess). Stop using matchmaker so people could choose opponents based on these metrics themselves. If you have ELO and reliability metric together, the matchmaker will become really slow so lobby is a much better idea for a small game like this.

    ELO does not work at the moment anyway. It's there to just show where it will be in the future. But leavers should lose ELO and players who end the game should get ELO based on results. Also, ELO should be distributed based on results, not only the winner gains ELO. Substitutes should not lose ELO even if they lose but gain as if they were the player who they substitute. Overall I think using ELO in the classical sense is a bad idea anyway. Need a custom metric.

  • @morsCatan Totally agree.

  • @Stroom I would like to choose between players.
    I really prefer the lobby to the matchmaker. Besides, the matchmaker is really slow, even if there a several players available and I accept all possible game scenarios.

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