Solving the Quitter problem.

  • Make the result of the game a loss if you quit before end of game, including elo adjustment.

    Also might not allow quitter to start another game until the game they quit is concluded, giving the remaining players reason to keep playing, and gain elo.

  • There has to be an adaptation on the timer also.
    Now you can do nothing "endlessly" when it's your turn to roll the dice. There is a timer after rolling the dice, not before it.
    You do not quit. You wait until the others do. "Clean exit" for you, not for the others.

  • I just lost 5 games in a row. I played them all out, even though they were blowouts. Then, I am about to win my 6th game, and a player quits when I reach 9 points. No ELO points for me. Four hours of playing and I just lose ELO points, even when I win.

    You have to fix this. It's WAY too frustrating this way. I don't think I'm going to keep playing if players quitting means no ELO points for the winner. It's just too easy for people to ruin your game.

  • @daedalic Yup, my ELO has gone down dramatically because I will always play on - whether I lose, or against an AI. Unfortunately, the probability is too high that a game where I am winning will result in one player leaving early, meaning I rarely get ELO for a win as it inevitably ends up being against an AI.

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