not able to log in

  • I have registered my account in Catan Universe yesterday and everything worked ok. I played some games, etc..

    Today when I tryed to log in again, the game told me that my password was incorrect.

    Since that moment, I ve changed my password 2 times, tried again many times and it keeps saying that the password is wrong when I try to log in.

    Is there something I can do to correct this bug?

    PS: I am sure my password is right. Not just because I ve change it, but also because I logged in to this forum with the same account and password.

  • @Van_Nosferatu I just send you an email after I checked the player backend. Please reply via email and I'm sure we can solve this :)

  • @Van_Nosferatu Sounds like the problem I have been having for weeks.

  • @Administrator the problem persists. I just sent you an e-mail. Thanks a lot!

  • @Administrator hey when i try to log in they say i have a wrong password, when i type forgotten password, they send me a code via mail, I write it and write my new password then try to log in they say account is temporarly blocked for having written wrong password , i need help

  • administrators

    @imad631 Please contact us via if there are issues with the login/your account. We will gladly help you via email.

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