Ability to 'Do not show'/skip Robber popup, final statistics popup

  • Playing coulple of days...

    It is really annoying to watch slow and long animation of Robber popup every time. It takes 2 sec i guess but it is really long and not necessary when you become familiar with the game. Plese consider the feature to make that popup 'do not show' or at least make it faster.

    Second thing is final win/lose animation and statistics popups. They look nice for the first time, but again on 20th time its boring already and you try to skip it as fast as you can. Plese consider implementing the same approach here (skip or faster).

    Thx, great game in general!!! :heart:

  • @Coss I really hate the final statistics!
    I not only think it is unneccessary, it also disrupts the end of the game. Just like the whole screen victory (or loss) animation - I want the screen to thank or congratulate the other players, and to say goodbye. This setup is so rude and uncivilized. I really don´t like it.

  • @coss, @Rumpelstilzchen

    Thanks for your feedback! Making the robber popup less intrusive is already planned.

    You can already move from the end game animation to the statistics and then close the statistic popup to check the board and chat / game log via the checkmark button in these screens. What would be your preferred way of handling the end of the game? A faster way to skip these via shortcuts or always enabling the chat view?

  • @Administrator Always enable chat view
    When a game is finished, nobody wants to hang around and wait, if someone might be back for a few last words. It is the natural flow of a game to show your appreciation and say goodbye. Some serious players might be interested in analyzing the game. Or someone might be distrustful about the dice, etc. Those might want to look at the statistics. But it should be optional, because most people won´t care.
    *And the victory animation should not cover the entire screen, but leave some space for the chat.

  • For me the final statistics are OK. The chat should always be enabled whether statistics are shown or not. Most of the times there is no goodbye in the chat. That isn't nice.

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