Cheating, quitters, snakes

  • Maybe we could start a list of players that are repeatedly ruining games by quitting, freezing play, or playing two accounts. I realize we might be mistaken on individual games, and players may not be meaning to do these things, but if we see they are doing them over and over, to lots of players, perhaps they can be banned.

    The latest slimeball trick I've seen is players quitting the move before you win, so you don't get any ELO points when the game turns to AI. Such pettiness. How do these people live with themselves?

  • @daedalic "Two things I know to be infinite: Human stupidity and the universe. I am not yet absolutely sure about the universe." Einstein
    Keeping lists won´t help, because some people would slander fair players to distract from their own behaviour! I have actually witnessed such a case, when someone blocked our game, after harassing and provoking us all the time. I kept my cool, but the other player finally lost his nerve and talked back. Result: The other, really kind and fair player was banned for 3 days! I was unable to help him, because my testimony alone was not accepted, and I had not saved the entire conversation. I think Ignore-Lists are the best solution for the problem, because you don´t have to prove anything or convince someone else. It also solves the question of defining what fair behavior should be. (Playing slow, playing fast, playing aggressive, robbing or not robbing?, chatting between turns, or Shut up and play!, quitting if something comes up)

  • @Rumpelstilzchen and @daedalic I agree with this, and am liking the idea of an ignore list more and more. People have very different ideas of what makes a good game or good play.

    I admit, I am a chatter - I find it can relieve some of the sting when people steal from you/block you, and keep the game friendly - plus, chatting with people all over the world is awesome. I always prioritise game play, but not everyone likes this kind of social amiable game. So I think that they should have the right to put me on an ignore list if they don't want chat. Same as I would gladly put on an ignore list players who take games personally, frequently bail, or are hyper-aggressive. The friends list already helps whittle that down, but only playing auto-match with 'friends' checked, means you are less likely to meet new cool players to have fun with.

    @administrators have said they are looking into block/report functions, so hopefully next update will include that!

  • That's the problem with automatch and ignore lists... Once you add so many criterias to the match maker, you can almost never find games. Especially when you have so few players online at any given time.

    I did some math in another topic. About 20 games are created every minute. Usually people from the same time zone play and this means there will most likely be an ignored players web which the matchmaker has to deal with. So each players is not able to enter 20% of the games eventually.

    All this could be so much easier if we had a simple lobby solution. You can send the player ALL games and filter them on client side based on parameters. The fact that they are pushing matchmaker so hard (with other things) means how much they just do not care.

  • Frustration.... what else can I say. I think if all players opt out of the game, the one left should be rewarded with the elo, no matter what. Quiters should just loose theirs, aswell as their karma. Be it so that people with technical problems loose their elo and karma, so be it. As long as the game is still so broken you will reset those scores regularly anyway.

  • I'd rather not play than play with some of these childish, petty tyrants. Quitting on your last winning turn so you don't get your ELO points? Freezing the game by not rolling or trading? Slinging racial and homophobic slurs in the chat?

    No thanks. I'd rather not play then be matched with people I know do these things.

  • @MarcoDW Most people with technical errors can restart and rejoin the ongoing play. Maybe there is a need for a screen in startup, telling this is an alpha and it has bugs. When crashed, restart. It is very likely that you can continue playing.
    I doubt this is known by all players. Why would i see players leave ("no network connection") and not come back, while they are in a winning position?

  • @Evarist I have not found a way to rejoin
    Lately I was in a good game when the familiar "who´s turn is it?" -bug hit us. The only way the other 2 players could play on was for me to leave the game. I really was loath to quit, for the other players were very nice and would have waited for me. But once I leave, I cannot come back. When I want to rejoin, I get into a new game. Maybe it´s because I cannot login under my name on Universe , but have to play anonymous. (My login promlem on universe has still not been resolved)

  • @Rumpelstilzchen Indeed, it is not always possible. Only most of the times.

  • I find that most of the people are polite, but now I encountered a rude guy, who also was very good. Is it somehow possible to report such people?

  • @Evarist How do you quit and rejoin? How do you find the game that you were playing? I usually play automatch and there is no way for me to know which game I was playing.

  • @Jools It depends on the client you are using, and the speed of your internet.

    If using the desktop client, the reset option is closing it down (alt+f4) and starting again, if it launches within the time limit (120 seconds) you should get asked if you want to rejoin your current game (there can sometimes be a slight delay between the home screen loading and this message appearing, so worth being patient waiting a few seconds to see if anything happens).

    Web client is essentially the same - you just refresh the page. Obviously, because you need to download the client again, this one takes a bit longer and can have a lower success rate of rejoining the game.

    RE reporting people, I have reported a rude person once before. This person had particularly crossed the line, and was insulting players via chat. I took screenshots of some of his comments, and emailed the catan admins directly with the screenshots attached, and a report of what was said and done. They responded and said reporting that kind of abuse was the right thing to do. But I would recommend documenting it, particularly if it involves abusive language or insults via chat.

  • @Jools I play on PC - desktop client. Most of the times nothing works anymore. Even not ctrl-Alt-del. So, after hardware reset, it does take a while before you get in catan again. If done within time (? 100 seconds ?) catan starts with a window asking if you want to rejoin the game.

  • Burai San runs a second account to help get him wins, he's good at disguising it but you can tell by the timing of the trades he does. he's top 10 on the leaderboards. One of his other accounts is Colibri

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