Ability to block people

  • It would be nice to have the ability to block people after a game if they have ruined the experience for others during a game. This would just be to avoid being matched up with the same person in successive matches.

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    @phresh-guus Thanks for the feedback. We are currently working on a block/mute and report option for other players.

  • @Administrator Fabulous! There are some players that just play in a particularly cruel manner, that I would much rather never have to play against again. Come across a few multiple times now, where games are unpleasant, or filled with angry comments in the chat.

    The friends list is one way you can try to keep playing against friendly players who play for the same reasons you do (in my case, just to unwind and play with people from all over the world). But being able to block the (admittedly few) players who you find unpleasant to play with would be great. (I've been keeping a 'sinbin' list of aggressive players, unpleasant players, or repeat quitters in the hopes of something like blocking being implemented - for now the list just gives me a heads up as to what to expect, so I can grit my teeth and not get upset by the poor behaviour when it eventually comes out. Just had a horrible game, but was expecting it - so just quietly stuck it out until it ended, but it was a very unpleasant 20 minutes I would much rather have avoided or ended tbh)

  • @BlueMythril I could see blocking players that are rude or quit games... but you would actually want to block players that are aggressive? Why play against players that don't use Catan strategy to their advantage? Seems silly to play a game only against weak players.

    But yes... A block would be great for these quitters. Blocking them is even better than dropping their ELO... if they get blocked enough they will have nobody to play with.

  • @morsCatan By aggressive, I meant aggressive in comments - swearing, abusive etc

    People who play strategically I have no problem with.

    The cruel players I referenced are a very few who do not play strategically, but cruelly. I saw one person deliberately hem in another player, to no obvious advantage (they didn't build there, and weren't trying to race to key resource tiles), and then proceed to steal off that player (who now couldn't go anywhere, and was stuck on 3 points while I was leading on 6) until the persecuted one quit. Maybe there was a backstory there, but if so it wasn't stated. It just seemed to be about messing with someone's head. I have only come across two players that have played cruelly, and really never want to play with them again.

    Clever strategy - no problem. I still remember one player who gave me a stone in trade for a wood, and then played a monopoly card for all stone. Boy did that hurt :) , but it was clever - so I laughed and typed 'Kudos Machiavelli' in the chat.

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