Reward people who stay in game!!!!

  • It is so annoying that you play a game where someone quits and you get nothing from it...
    You would get some ELO or karma points also for those games where people have d/c.

    Worst case scenario if you are ok to continue with PC player sub.

    Otherwise this get people stuck with quitters until quitters damage their karma enough...

  • Yeah I think an ELO anti system would be good. When the game starts everyone puts in X ELO. When it ends it's divided up. If you leave before then... You obviously get last place on it.

  • Yep. That would make sense.

    Regarding game stability which has been mentioned in forums - well we all play same game and it is same stable for all.

    As for network connection - well that's always a risk in online games.

    So yeah I would say that 5 ELO + whatever is equivalent for Karma points would be "taken" from each of the players who join in the game and then distributed along human players left in the game.

    That would be like:

    3 player game - 15 EXP / 15 ELO / 15 karma points
    1st gets 10 EXP / 10 ELO / 10 Karma
    2nd gets 5 EXP / 5 ELO / 5 karma
    3rd gets -5 EXP / -5 ELO / -5 karma

    Anyone who quits loses invested 5 points of each.

    4 player game - 40 EXP / 20 ELO / 20 karma
    1st gets 30 EXP / 15 ELO / 10 karma
    2nd get 15 EXP / 5 ELO / 5 karm
    3rd get 5 EXP / 0 ELO / 5 karma
    4th gets -5 EXP / -5 ELO / -5 karma

    If only one human remains in the game - usually all humans quit when one has distinctive advantage - 1st place gets all ELO / EXP / karma bonus as that would be a reward for overpowering victory.

    I think this also would promote more 4 player games vs. no so popular 3 player games.

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