Getting stuck on stats screen at end of game

  • I have played a couple of basic games so far, and always seem to get stuck on the stats screen at the end. For example I won a game, and the only way I could figure out how to get back to the main menu was to hit the gear icon and chose quit. However, but doing that it did not give me credit for the win. What is the proper way to finish a came once someone has won?

    I am wondering if the button I need to hit is somehow off the edge of the screen. I have observed this happening on the development cards as well (as I can only see the top half of the development card until I click on it to play it).

    For reference I am playing the web version using Google Chrome a Mac.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Having the same problem. I'm getting the experience for the win, but am not getting credit for the win in my stats.

  • Having the same exact problem. also in google chrome.

  • I thought CatanUniverse wasn't supported on Chrome anymore? How did you guys get it to work for you? Thanks in advance! :)

  • Same problem here. Also playing in chrome. any solutions yet?

  • administrators

    @i3scottw We are currently investigating the issue. Does this issue happen in sinlge or mulitplayer games?

  • It happens in both. I've won games in both single and multi player and it still says I have no wins.

  • Good to see it's already an issue; just won my first game in singleplayer and won. Joohoo! But it doesn't show, just the experience points.

  • any solution for this yet, @administrators ? I am continuing to win games, but my count is still zero.

  • @administrators @Administrator same problem. Googe Chrome, single player basic game. Any solutions yet? I don't even know what to look for to end the game.

  • administrators

    @RR1719 The next update will inlcude a more visible button for leaving the game in the end.

  • Hopefully one where you don't have to click through 3 screens before ending and then again confirm you want to really quit the finished game... :flushed:

    Also the game is super slow after finishing the game, like you have to listen to the end of the music (super annoying) and then a bit more before it will even move to the next screen (statistics) then again a minute untill you can move to next screen... crazy. and it makes that you can say congrats or whatever to any of you fellow players...

    So maybe you can make it in a way where the screens with statistics are optional and you can still keep chatting even when game ends? And instead of a quit and then confirm button, please just have one button saying 'Finish' or 'Home' something.

  • @Administrator It's not a problem of a more visible button. I have played, and won in the basic, Seafarers and Cities & Knights many times now (both single and multiplayer), but still it says my win count is zero. I am leveling up, but not being credited for ANY wins.

  • @jenofjens Yep same here, if I check my personal status (click my avatar), it says zero wins in both single and multliple player games.... And I won many too.

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