Turn time limit settings

  • I would suggest that time given per turn per player should be significantly increased. Sometimes you actually have to think for a while to come up with the best possible strategy and in thus current setting trade negotiations with other players is almost no option unless you guess the trade preference from the first try.

    I would suggest 3 min per turn if not 5.

  • Well I would suggest the opposite.

    I would agree with you on that at the beginning of the game, players should have more time to decide, where to build the first towns, roads, but after that I think 60 sec is way enough to for a player. Especially in basic games. Some players used to think 2-3 min with 1-2 cards in their hands. That's kinda boring for the other ones to be honest.

  • Turns are too short. Do not suggest to make them even shorter. Yes, it is frustrating if someone takes longer to mkae their turn but this is a part of the game. You could even use longer turns to manipulate with your opponents - make them think that you have more options available for you etc. Usually people offering for quicker gameplays do not know the game so well IMO. (no offence)
    You can't make the turns shorter or longer based on what the player has on his hand. There can be very specific cases in the game when a player has 1 resource in hand but needs to trade himself resources for a road or two to prevent another player from winning with the longest road or something else like that. When this case happens it might take some convincing (in the chat) that this is what needs to be done and other players should trade you these resources. It takes time and it would make it worthwhile for all players (except the player who would win if the timer just cut off the negotiations). So... For the sake of integrity of the game, remove the stupid automatic timer autoplay and let the PLAYERS decide when the time is enough or not.

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