Weird multiplayer bug

  • Greetings,

    Me and my friend found an interesting  bug. We were playing multiple games together, I mean from separate PCs and with "friends" option. We just realized this afternoon that several games were starting with different maps for different players. For example, he had totally other numbers and map organization than me. 

    The weirdest part is that the game was functioning. We built our towns, roads and we got resources after dire roll. The stupid part from us is the fact that we did not try to go deeper in the game and quit after 4-5 turns. It would be interesting to see how the game evolves after players starting to expand.

    Anyone else experienced this issue already? Or maybe it was already posted/reported, to be honest I did not lurk about this issue at all.

  • @Mental Yeah, this issue happens a lot. Rarely does a game finish with it - though you can get quite far in. Usually it freezes, forcing the person to reset. They then realise the board was completely different, as it now shows 'correctly' whichever version that is. But game usually still stuck. It is a totally weird bug.

  • Btw @administrators We just had this happen again, and we all chose to play on (out of curiosity). It turned out that only one player was seeing the "correct" board (as measured by what it reverted to when everyone refreshed). Interestingly, everybody still had the cards from the original board they had seen. So one player, who had no brick on the refreshed 'actual' board, was still holding two brick cards even when seeing the proper board. Not sure if that helps with working out what glitch is?

    (Also, one of the players was shown as a different colour entirely on the incorrect board)

  • I'm getting a sense that the board info is stored locally. This way all out of sync errors will remain after refresh. This game is a board game and sending all relevant info to all players should be really simple. Even after each turn has begun.

    Unless the backend is really messed up and doesn't validate user input or something. I am amazed how we can see new bugs after updates which are irrelevant to what the update changelog mentioned. Something fishy is going on here.

  • Thanks for your report! I've already forwarded this to our developers to investigate. Could you please let uns know:

    • Which version ofthe game did you first notice this in?
    • Did this happen in custom games only or in all multiplayer game modes?

  • @Administrator I now play primarily the desktop client, and it happens regularly. Although, I feel like I may have first noticed this in the webclient? As I only started playing the desktop client recently, and have been aware of the issue for a while it seems.

    I usually play auto-player, and it is there that I have noticed this issue.

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