Playing Cards Reliably

  • Is there a trick to playing cards? Sometimes I click on the cards and they pop up sometimes not. Then I can’t play a card no matter where I click. Keystrokes for everything would be better on PC.

  • It's really funny that you have to click on the card twice and then find the confirmation button on bottom right. Really not intuitive at all. Classical Mobile development practice.

  • Come on this must be the most important thing.
    There has to be some way to play them?????
    Whats the trick????

  • The development cards is on the bottom edge at first. Click on them. This brings the cards in front. Select the card you want to play. Then Find the little checkmark button on bottom right and click on it.

    Edit: Or maybe the new update broke it and it is not visible for some people? :D
    There are so many bugs in the updates which should not be affected by the published changelog. Seems like the game is a lot of spaghetti code.

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