Any plans to support 6 players?

  • Any plans to support 6 players in Catan Universe? Looking forward to the final release :)

  • They can barely fit 4 players on there at the moment :D It would need an overhaul on the UI which will probably not happen within the next year.

  • administrators

    @Hawkeye47 Yes! We are also working on an implementation for that. It is in early stages but we are planning to cover all bases of Catan with Catan Universe ;)

  • @administrators Any update on this?
    I was searching online and trough the forums but i cannot find any confirmation that this is in the game already?
    (FYI, me and my friends are thinking about buying the game and we are mostly with more than four people :))

  • i have an idea! Adaptate client to play on touch screen/lсd panels like board game in pubs. Use sandwich - wood table+touch LCD+glass. Drink beer and play fast games in real time.

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    @Roccade Currently we are planning on implementing the so called multi Catan. But it is a little bit down the road until it will be implemented.

  • Any update on this?
    I am really looking forward to multi Catan!

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    @HandsomeLion At the moment we are still focussed on the mobile release and enhancing the game based on the users feedback. Sorry i can´t give you any news on the mulit Catan feature at the moment.

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