The New Update is More Buggy

  • Somehow, games actually fail more now. I just went through 4 ended matches in a row because the board would just load some wooden boards and nothing else. The game went from buggy (~30% of games crash or mess up in some way) to very buggy (~50% not even starting). What's going on with this update? Also, I haven't been able to launch even one Auto-Match because of this.

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    @jbanks0506 We currently investigating the issues. Players with the username CatanUniverseCM are developers and my have to leave the game early to investiagate the issue further. Thanks for understanding.

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    @jbanks0506 Do you by any chance have an screenshot of that situation you could share with us? You can send the screenshot to

  • @Administrator I do - had the same issue

  • The first C&K game I played ended at 10 points. Anyone else have that issue (besides the 2 I played with of course)? We were all surprised.

  • We had the same thing with Harbourmaster.

    Also, getting the blank table error again when I change preferences to 3 or 4 player with harbourmaster. Will try the default settings now see if I get a game

  • The blank/frozen table does happen quite a bit in Multiplayer. I haven't seen it since the update but I've only played against AI so far.

  • Agreed. This update is worse than Itunes updates, and that's saying something. Over the course of the last two days while playing cities and knights, I have not been able to complete a multiplayer game with my friends online, and we tried three times! First time: rolled the robber and then couldn't move it. The game froze up on my end. Second time: I couldn't start my turn because the trade screen was frozen. It was not possible to cancel the trade or not accept it, and I couldn't roll the dice and go forward with my turn. Third time, after I purchased the city improvement that gives me the Metropolis, I couldn't click on the city and place it. Actually, again the game froze and I couldn't do anything. My opponents pointed out that I needed to discard one progress card, but I couldn't do that either. I should mention that I'm using Windows 10, so it might be that, but there really weren't this many issues until this update. Please get it together, as this new update is terrible!

  • I want to report another new bug of the last update
    While playing the game there are some boats of the other players which become invisible. This makes difficult to know where is the last point of the route.

  • I have the screenshot, but have no idea how to post it. I don't see a place to upload a file...

  • Sorry, didn't see you asked me to email it. I just did.

    Also, my harbor master games are ending at 10 as well.

  • A hotfix is on its way which should resolve the VP issue and other things you guys reported to us. We will deploy it to our servers as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

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