Update_16 Highlights and Date

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    Hi Catanians,

    In this post we want to present to you the biggest changes for the upcoming update_16. Our developers used the last weeks to implement new features that enhance the gameplay experience of Catan Universe. Games will be faster, more intuitive to play and the number of finished games should increase noticeably.

    As mentioned in earlier posts, the latest changes to the building system were the first step to an overall redesign of the way you can build in Catan Universe. In update_16 you will be able to build directly on the game board without clicking on the single game pieces in your “building screen”. Depending on the location you click on the system will automatically give you every option there is, including the costs of these options. We had lots of fun with it during our test sessions and we are confident that Quick-Build will speed up the gameplay overall noticeable.

    We are very eager to hear you feedback once you are able to test it yourself.

    Please note that you will still be able to click on the single pieces on the bottom of your screen if you want to build something. Quick-Build is just another option to build something in the game.

    Multiplayer games can be finished with one player left

    We received a lot of feedback regarding the issue that players wanted to finish games even though all other human players had left the game. Starting with update_16 this will be possible. You are free to decide if you want to finish or forfeit the game once your last human opponent has left a game. If you decide to finish it you will be rewarded the same way you are as if you had finished a game against the AI. We will keep on observing the situation of abandoning games closely and are willing to tweak even more.

    You won´t receive trade proposals by the AI in single player games if you cannot accept them

    This is also a feature we included due to the feedback we got from you guys. On the one hand it is important to know what your opponents want to trade. This information is important for e.g. the use on a monopoly card or it gives hinds towards the strategy another player pursues. But on the other hand we understand that it can be frustrating to receive multiple trade offer by the AI you can´t even match. Therefore we got rid of them. Our internal tests have shown that this makes games against the AI much faster and it provides an overall smoother gameplay.

    Wildcard Trade with AI

    With the changes in the trading system we presented the Catanians the Wildcard trade. You are able to propose your opponents a trade with only one resource selected. Each player can decide what we wants you to trade that resource for. With update_16 the Ai now is able to react to those trade offers as well. This will speed up the trading process with the AI.

    New arrangement of in game UI elements

    We were listening to you Catanians and rearranged some of the UI elements in the in game Scene and optimized it for the use on a Desktop PC. With Update_16 you will have a chat window which that is always displayed on the lower left corner of your screen. You can switch between the guild and the in game chat there and you are also able to display the game log there to keep track of every single move of your opponents. On top of this window you will find the trade, the no trade offer and the options button.
    The new arrangement will improve not only the user experience but also lets you more easily interact with your fellow Catan players.

    More information about special rules and VP for the scenarios

    We received feedback that Catanians often didn´t exactly knew what scenario they were playing and how many VPs they had to gain to win. With update_16 you will be able to look up this info in the Option in game and you will get an overview of special rules before starting the game by clicking on the “?” in the scenario browser. The special rules can of course also be found in the option section in game.

    ELO lists and browsing ability

    Update_16 will bring ELO lists for every expansion. You will be able to search for your friends, the best players out there and also the best guilds. We are very eager to see who is top of the list once we published update_16!

    We also included many other different things into the game but these are the biggest changes to the game. We hope you will also like the other stuff you will find.

    And no worries, we also did our fair share of bug fixing! Currently reported Bugs like the roadbuilding development card and reconnect issues should be resolved with update_16.

    When will you be able to get your hands on update_16

    Tomorrow on 09.01.2016 we will set our servers to maintenance mode starting about 11:00 AM [CET] and we will deploy update_16. The deployment process should take a few hours but we do our best to get the servers up and running as fast as possible.

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