Random map please

  • I suggest you to add, in multiplayer games, the option of random map in basic catan game.

  • why not single player as well? same thing over and over it kind of boring

  • @FranF14 agree with you

  • This should be a priority. It's not clear why it hasn't already been done or why the site was opened publicly without it. Considering the many other issues, having to play the same map in each game/scenario combination makes the site even less worthwhile. It's basically banging your head against the wall to play the same games over and over (the 1 time out of 10 that complete).

  • why only in the basic game. It should be random maps for basic, c&n and sea. after playing a few games it gets boring playing the same map over and over. Even the numbers are the same. this should be a priority if you want to keep the players.

  • The fixed board layout is intendet because it makes the bugfixing much easier and faster for our developers. We know that random maps are very important for the replay value of the game. You can expect us to implemement random maps in upcoming updates.

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