• Hi players and game makers, i come to ask if you will add a chat window in main menu, and a way to play arranged matches. Is this even in plan?
    If it is not, I want to ask if you can add few more whales in main menu, and more peasants in these villages, it really turns my laptop on, it gets so hot

    edit: arranged game in a way that i can play with 1 friend and a stranger without option that it will separate us.

  • Also I think if you can make it so we create public games and then players join them, we will play catan 4 players more than 3 players - which is much better. I dont know how hard it is to make. If the problem would be that people can play fake games and get points, just disable point system for it, i think more people would like to play good games than to get points. What good are the points anyway when all know pacov is best player

  • Haha Pacov, we both posted similar things after our experience :)

    (There's a great set up of sub-forums for technical issues and for suggestions btw - in addition to the general discussion forum)


  • Impossible to play a 4 players game in auto. I tried few times today. Problem is 2 players can not stop me united, but maybe 3 united players would stand a chance.

    But if you cant do this admins, i want to tell you more about the main menu graphics. I was talking to some players and they say, we dont need more peasants, but peasantesess, or how you say for female peasants in english

  • Seriously, this matchmaking system needs to go! Bring back the lobby!
    Pacov, do you have a PlayCatan account? We could play there. I don't really want to play here anymore. They just keep ignoring the player suggestions. And they only accept suggestions which are either easy to implement or which are given by players with no experience of the game.

  • I dont have PlayCatan, only Catan Universe. Admins will listen, but first they must be tamed, and i am admin tamer

  • I have tried since January. Nothing helps.

    Patch notes on Friday:
    Minor text fixes.

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