Official Steam/App Store Release?

  • Can anybody tell me when catanuniverse will be released on the app store and on steam? I've asked this question before way back in winter and the answer was that it would be released during spring but spring is long gone and summer is coming to an end and there is still no catanuniverse on either platforms. Answers would be much appreciated! :)

  • "When they are ready"

    Probably not within this year. Maybe not even the next year seeing how new bugs pop up and the old ones still aren't fixed.

    @Administrator Why can't you just open registration for PlayCatan? It is obvious that this platform is unreliable and people want to play without all the quitters and breaking games. I am still waiting for an honest answer.

  • Well don't become overexited @dillonkermani1. First Catan Universe must run smooth without any bugs. Then they can alocate resources into android app :D

  • Considering the reqs for just playing on PC, I wonder if they'd be able to APP it? I would love it as I love this, just not sure .

  • administrators

    @ChuckG68 There will be app clients as anounced. However as already pointed out by other users, we want to get the Browser / Win Clientsup and running first and then move to further platforms.

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