Communication during game set up

  • Another suggestion I might add, would be a better means of communication between players when in main menu. Trying to set up custom games, or auto matches with friends, is incredibly difficult when you can't communicate. Currently, you have to leave whatever waiting list or game set up you are on to then got to the message inbox menu.

    It would be far more practical to have some means of communication while trying to set up a game - perhaps a chat menu like we have within games?

  • A some kind of lobby? No need for a matchmaker? Sounds familiar. Probably will never happen. @administrators pls

  • @administrators The message system seems to be completely unusable now?

    Still the same issues mentioned in another post (re-marking read messages as unread etc).

    However, trying to select people to send a message to is impossible. You cannot search for friends from the message system. Instead you get a long list of all your friends, in no apparent order (not alphabetical, not in order of recent addition). If you have a long list of friends, this is impossible to navigate. The scrolling on a touchpad (my laptop) has always been problematic.

    It would be great to have a more functional message system. Or even better a more immediate chat option for the main menu, so can chat while trying to set up a game without having to leave the auto-match or custom-match set up menu.

    Would love to know if more effective communication is in the works?

  • You literally described the lobby. :D

  • @Stroom Haha, yes maybe I did :)

    Although, I am not entirely against the matchmaking system - in terms of the principle of juggling mixed variables such as level, karma, region and preferences. So long as matches happen in good time.

    But having some form of communication / lobby for while waiting would improve things dramatically. Would allow for more effective custom match set up, or use of auto-match with 'friends' checked (how a few mates and I tend to arrange to play against each other - as yet to have a custom match work).

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