Copy and Paste?

  • Hi,

    Out of curiosity, is there any particular reason for copying and pasting not being possible? I can copy and paste from within the Catan game message, but I cannot copy from outside the Catan game and paste into a message board.

    I tried to do so from Google translate several times, when playing against players who did not speak English. Not being able to communicate was difficult. I would type what they had said from the message board into google translate, then type my response into Google translate, and then type the translation manually into the Catan in-game chat box. All while trying to play a game.

    Is this a limitation of the coding, or can copy and paste functionality be written in for future versions? It would make communication so much easier.

  • administrators

    @BlueMythril You are playing the browser version, right? Unfortunetely this is a Unity (the enginge we are using) issue. And there is not much we can do about it. We hope the developers of the engine will soon have a fix for that issue.

  • Or you could stop using unity (at least 3D) since it is wasting resources.

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