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  • I have a few suggestions. When the game suddenly stops working during the middle of your turn, give the person two minutes to reconnect. That has happened a lot to me and I lose the game completely. It can take a really long time to reload the game so I think you should give players a way to reconnect. Even if their turn has expired still allow them to come back. Also, if a player quits the game, have the AI sub in for them instead of ending the game. If a player's game stopped working, have the AI sub in just until a player can come back. Then allow them to switch back in. Also I would like to say that a number of times the game has crashed and a notification comes up saying: Out of memory. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating more Web GL to the content. Also, if a player is about to start a game (especially in quick match) give some sort of pop-up warning where a player could click start or cancel so the player could click cancel if they had accidentally hit the wrong button so they wouldn't have to just quit the game immediately and lose karma. This can be frustrating to both that player and other players. Also, would you implement some sort of rulebook that you could read both inside and outside of the game rather than just an almanac. When I started I new how to play Catan but what if someone diden't. And I would like to see the official rules for the scenarios that you made just for Catan Universe. Please take your time to look at and address these issues before the official release. I would also like to know when the release will be. In like 2 months or like a year. Please read this and please please please fix these issues and get back to me about them.

  • As a player, I do not want AI to substitute my moves when I disconnect. When I come back the AI might have ruined my plans. The whole idea of AI is very bad IMO. Bring back the lobby and player substitutions. This encourages a friendly community and makes creating games much easier.

    The solution is not to have AI substitute. The solution is to make the game NOT crash so f***ing much.

    The current automatcher stuff is not suitable for Catan.
    First, there are not enough simultaneous players looking for a game.
    Second, the game rules can be modified so much that finding a game with specific rule set would make the playerbase even smaller, making finding a game take a long time.
    Third, what if I really want to play 4 player game without any specific rule modifications but I would probably be OK if the game is 3 players with friendly robber (but NOT 4 player with friendly robber). Or any other kind of modification like that. You can not implement user friendly filters for the matchmaker like that.
    Also if you do have some optional filters, when the game starts you don't notify what rules are in place.

    In PlayCatan we had about 20 games pending start at a time max. If you force matchmaking, it makes it impossible to start a game with specific expansions and stuff. (Seafarers + C&K with friendly robber, cardstack) Even if someone would be willing to play with your settings, he would not know that you do too, so he would not join the matchmaker queue. Only base games with friendly robber will mostly be played. Sometimes only one expansion at a time without any home rules.

    You are severely limiting players choices with the matchmaker!

    I don't know why the admins don't want to acknowledge it. This is why I am critical of you guys, you just are not willing to acknowledge that you wasted hours of dev time for useless features.

    Probably you make matchmaker because you want to attract mobile and tablet users. You are so afraid it can't be done but it CAN!
    Take boardgamearena.com for instance. They have a lobby and it is perfectly usable with mobile users. Tablets are even easier. The substitutions can also be fit in if needed. Very easy filtering system.

  • administrators

    @elijah Thank you very much for your feedback. We are still working out the some of the point youe mentioned. For one we will expand the Almanach and will include info regarding the rules of the game (VP; ruleset etc.) in the game. There also will be a guided tutorial which should make players familiar with all the basic rules of the game.
    These are thnings we will defeinitely implement before releasing the game.

    The official release will be announced as soon as we are content with the state of the game. This includes performance, reliability, user experience and interface as well as AI performance. Unfortunately at this point I can´t give you a date or a time frame for the officiall release.

  • in the game you guys have an AI player sub in for other players if they leave, but if all other human players leave except for one, the session is canceled. Here's a bright idea, how about have another AI player sub in for all the other players so the one player who actually stayed can finish. Also, on a completely separate note, every single time the AI got to move the robber they would put it on a hex the only their settlement touched. I mean, come on, that's like the stupidest move ever.

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