Is CatanUniverse going to be still free to play, after official release?

  • I play this game for 2 days already and i must confess, i enjoy game a lot - playing with friends gives even more fun. I started to worry if the game is going to be free to play after release, if not, what price for it do you predict? Waiting for answer, and good luck with development! ;)

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    @AlphaX79 There will be a free base version which also functions as a kind of demo for everyone who wants to test the game. Apart from that we will offer purchasable expansions (like the classic board game boxes), cosmetic items for the game and some other fun stuff that should allow players to customize your game experience. Something which is close to our heart: You won´t be able to purchase anything that will give you any kind advatange in the game.

  • It'd be great if beta testers would get some kind of souvenir in game for their hard work ;-).

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    @Florian96 No worries! There will be a token of appriciation for our early access members after the official launch ;)

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