is there anything we can do with players that play very slow or not at all?

  • At this moment, I am the one that quits the game and its bad for my karma. But only today I had this all the 3 games I played. It irritates me...

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    @mama-mellie For the Auto-and Custom-Match we have an integrated turn timer which will force a players reaction after the time has run up. Either they will pass the turn or the AI will make a descission for them. We are also working on a blacklist on which you can put other players you don´t want to get matched with again.

  • In other words, players will blacklist the players they lost against and do not want to play again!

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  • @Administrator How about just kick a player who lets the timer run out twice in a row? Give them the 120 seconds to login and rejoin their game in case it was accidental (while the AI plays for them), and if they are kicked from a game three times, their out for good.

  • edit by @administrators: No profanity! those slow movers at least as long as we are speaking about the first part of the game where people have like 4 cards and zero to one combination what to do.

    There is forum discussion called timer here there are a lot of comments on this topic:

    I would even suggest to put timelimit to 60 sec + this vote Stroom talked about that if all agree players turn end if not he can continue.

  • We are looking into ways to prevent player from stalling the game on porpuse. But this must happen alongside with punishemts for leaving the game early. I can assure you that we are working on concepts based on your feedback.

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