The Robber's Stash

  • This is a variation we added while playing the board game we like to call "The Robber's Stash"

    The Robber’s Stash Rules

    1. At the beginning of the game the “Banker” will place 1 Lumber and 1Brick card into a separate pile. This is the basic “Robber’s Stash”.
    2. Whenever a player rolls a “7” they not only get to move the Robber and steal a card from any player settlement touching the tile they move the Robber to, they also obtain the Robber’s Stash. Provided that they do not have more than 7 cards themselves.
    3. If the player who rolled a “7” has more than 7 cards, then they must give half of their cards to the Banker to put into the Stash, and they are not able to remove any cards from the Stash. However, they are still able to move the robber and steal from another player as normal.
    4. If the player who rolled a “7” has 7 cards or less, they have won the Robber’s Stash. Any cards that were present in the Stash at the time of the roll now become the property of the rolling player.
    5. Non-rolling players who have more than 7 cards will give half of their cards to the Banker who will add them to the Stash after giving the player who rolled the “7” the current Stash. These cards will now constitute the new Stash.
    6. In the event that no player has over 7 cards and therefore the Stash is emptied after being won. The Banker will replenish the Stash with 1 Lumber and 1Brick card from the “Bank”.

    Note: If only the “basic” Stash is present at the time of a winning roll. The rolling player can opt to just “build a road” to avoid the process of removing the cards from the Stash and then having them put back immediately.

  • This is incredibly unbalanced. I would not recommend using this. It's as bad as the free parking rules people make for Monopoly.

    What if all 3 of your opponents have to discard 4 cards into the stash after you roll a 7? It's a huge stockpile of cards there. The next player to roll a 7 gets so many resources that it would become almost impossible to stop him.

    This stash also potentially creates a shortage of resources. Since the stash is not the bank, some resources will be sitting there doing nothing.

  • @Stroom You are correct. It is based off the idea of Free Parking. However, unlike your vision of gloom and doom my friends and family have found it an extremely fun option to play. In terms of lacking resources. We have 2 copies of the game so we have plenty of cards and before that we never found it that difficult to keep track of who owed the bank what resource on the rare occasion it ran out.

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