Cant See Building option

  • I know that the building option is in the shape of a hammer in the very bottom right corner of the screen, only problem is that it does not show up. please help

  • administrators

    @bergy101 Please move the camera down to the the game pieces by olding the left mouse button and push up. We got rid of the buliding button in preperation for further improvements of the building system.

  • @Administrator Thanks worked it out

  • This post is deleted!

  • Even by scrolling the game table to all the edges I don't see a build option. Is there a hotkey?

  • @Obi-Quiet Oh, I get it now. Double clicking on the unused roads and buildings causes openings to appear on the map. Would perhaps be a good idea to add a visible indication of picking up the piece -- I missed it entirely. Like having the piece disappear from the table and stick to the cursor...

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