View Dice Statistics In Game

  • I frequently play Catan Universe with my friends and noticed the dice statistics on the end game screen. We all think it would be great if we could view Dice Statistics at any point during the game. It's just a nice feature to have to see what has been rolled frequently. I remember this being a feature on PlayCatan that we also enjoyed.


  • @dai3504 I feel like this would be a great feature to put in. Frequently I wonder about the statistics of whats being rolled because I'm angry that I dont roll resources, so this would help snuff the fires of my rage greatly. I also played a different Catan app that had roll statistics in game so I feel like it's kind of standard.

  • Thank you very much for the suggestion. We are aware that some useres want to have more detailed statistics in (or during) the game. We will discuss this with our developers.

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