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    Hi Catanians,

    Today we will release the first update for the Catan Universe.
    The game servers will not be available from approximately 5:00pm [CET] until 6:00 pm [CET].
    The update will include the following changes and fixes:

    Fixed issues:

    The second dice value of a roll became under certain conditions the first dice value of the next roll

    AI ignores under certain conditions knights and pirates when building roads/ships and settlements

    Registration issues are fixed

    Game initiation via reacts on browser resizing

    Position full screen-mode-button

    Cities and Knights: Blocker if players buys the last city improvement and already has the metropole for this city improvement type

    Known issues:

    Using the volume slider in the options panel might crash the client

    Most of the ingame sounds (match) are still missing

    Old “Cities and knight” save game containing a city improvement upgrade are broken, regarding to the blocker fix of city improvement

    You can expect us to release updates for the early access of Catan Universe every Wednesday. We will try to keep the server-down-times as short as possible and we will typically have them in the morning hours [CET].

    Please note that you may run into some (new) issues when trying to login in after the servers are available again. Please keep us informed in the feedback forums about any possible issues.

    As mentioned, we will be moving lots of assets from our development system to a cloud server in the next few days. Therefore loading times will be significantly faster once this task has been completed.

  • Update: The servers will be avaiable around 7:00 PM [CET]

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    Hi Catanains,

    The new version is now live!

    Please note:
    If you have trouble loading the game with Firefox, try to clear the cache of your browser or open Catan Universe with an incognito tab.

    The full screen button is now on the upper right side. On some low resolution displays the button is partially covered by the “Early Access” banner but it is fully functional.

    The loading times will be longer than usually because of the large number of players which are loading the game. Please be patient.

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