Wifi Disconnects and Game ends automatically

  • I was playing cities and knights with friends in Guatemala today and I lost my wifi signal temporarily.
    When this happens, the player is forced to exit the game. Why can't the game just freeze and when the player reestablishes his/her wifi signal, the game continues?

    On a separate note, there was also a weird glitch where my screen showed roads I'd built which I hadn't. Note: Only I saw them. My friends couldn't see those roads.

    Please work on not disconnecting people so easily with your next update.



  • administrators

    @Driver-8 Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately it is not that easy to determine unintendet connection losses. There are some people out there that end games e.g. out of frustration. Mostly they just close the webiste or Alt+F4 the game. On the other hand there are people with a bad wifi connection or other technical issues which get disconnected from the game. We do our best to give those players enough time to reconnect to the game. But if we expand the timer to much the other players just sit in the game idle and are waiting for one player to come back.

    This is generally speaking an issue for every online game. Nonetheless we try our best an reevaluating our threshold from time to time to keep the system as fair as possible for everyone.

  • So is there a way to return to the game if the wifi disconnects?



  • @Administrator Ask the other players
    In play Catan, you can choose if you wanna wait for a player. Why not introduce this option here, too?

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