Freezed after computer plays Development card

  • Hi,

    When playing single-player mode, the game freezes every time the Computer plays a Development card that allows it to play 2 Roads. It builds the first one and then it freezes and doesn't build the second one. The game doesn't continue.

    Is this a bug? Have you experience this too?
    Thank you very much.

  • Had the same issue, but I think I know the problem. In my game the computer built one road to a good spot to build a village and froze. The computer player had many resource cards and surely could have built said village. I think that there is an issue with the instruction order of the program in where it built the one road to where it planned to build a village and was trying to build the village when it had another road to play. The order to build a village kept trying to execute, but the game would not advance until the second road was placed.

  • It just happened to me again. The computer Player who played the road building card had 17 resource cards so it clearly could have built a settlement. The issue is that the program won't let it build the settlement until the road building card is finished. The code needs to be revised to put the build query after the road building card is completed.

  • Yes, exactly the same thing happens to me. Computer plays road building card, builds one road, then the game freezes.

    Also, there is no sound anymore¡?¡? Is that just me?

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