Add "Play Again" feature/button so you can play with same folks

  • Add "Play Again" feature/button so you can play with same folks which is faster than adding them as friends and creating a custom game.

  • This is a great idea! I second the motion

  • administrators

    @nancysmiles Thanks for the feedback. I will forwad the suggestion and we will evaluate possibilities to further improve the community buliding (find players you want to play with) in Catan Universe.
    For now you can add them to your friendlist or even inivte them in to your own guild. If you want to have a seperate section in the forums to communicate with you guild members please let @administrators know and we will create a section for your guild.

  • @Administrator Btw, I have yet to successful start a custom match - is there anything I might be missing? An extra step perhaps, or something that the invited players need to do?

  • administrators

    @BlueMythril To start a custom match:

    Please note: In order to start a game you must choose at leat 3 players to start a game

    1. go to the expansion you want to play in the main menu
    2. click mulitplayer
    3. Choose custom-Match
    4. Setup the game as you like by alerting the scenario, the turntimer, the required VP points etc.
    5. click on add player; the little pop-up shows your freindlist (*green players are availabe)
    6. click on the players name to set up the invitation
    7. the players name is now displayed in the menu
      -> repeat 5. and 6. until there are at leat 3 players

    If you there aren´t enoungh friends avaiable you can also add upto 2 AIs to you game.

    Click on add player and now choose Computer (AI) in the little Pop-up; Click on the AI you want to play with.

    1. Klick ok to send out the invitation to your friends.

    A pop-Up will appear for them with the info regarding what scenario you have chosen. They should be able to accept or decline your invitation.

    As soon as every human player has accepted your invitation the scenario should load.

  • @Administrator Many thanks for your detailed response! I have done all that, however, the friends I invited never got their invitation? It would flash up on their screen right?

  • administrators

    @BlueMythril Thats the case. Do your friends have expansions unlocked you are inviting them to?

  • @Administrator Ah! Now this might be it. I've only unlocked the basic game, but will check to see if my friends had done the same. Cheers!

  • @Administrator I checked, and they definitely were all set up - so sadly that was not the cause (was excited about a nice easy fix)

  • administrators

    @BlueMythril could you send us a screenshot of your custon-match setup before sending out the invitations using the ok button on the button of the Custom-Match screen. Either send it to us via or upload it to a filehoster of your choice and share the link here in this thread.

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