Game Frozen - player can't end turn?

  • We're currently in the middle of a game, but it has frozen on us. One of the players cannot end his turn - cannot even see the dice on the screen.

    Any advice? We don't want to leave it (it's a very close game!)

  • Did someone just play a "road builder" development card?
    Notorious lock up

  • No, but they had just set trade preferences - the first time I had seen someone set those. The little picture showing their preferences came up, but then they could not finish afterwards.

    In the meantime, I am in the middle of another game that froze (albeit against a far more petulant and less fun opponent). They are unable to swap 4:1 trade, and had been experiencing lags earlier.

    No idea what set that off, though I suspect it was more technical issues on their end.

  • Is there any way of refreshing the game without losing it?
    How can you quickly log out and log back in to join the same game? Players have suggested doing this before, but each time I try I lose the game?

  • Are you playing the with the WebGl or the Windows Client Version of the game ? Refreshing the Website should let you login and rejoin the game. Please make sure that you only do this if you can load the game fast enoungh. After a while the Ai will take over if you don´t rejoin the game. Sames goes for the Windows client Version. Close the game via e.g Alt+F4 an reload it. after the login it should promt a message which lets you rejoin the current game.

  • I've tried playing CaK multiplayer games four times today and every time, at some point in the game, a player is unable to end his or her turn and there is no way to continue the game. In every instance the players have tried refreshing (alt+f4) without success.

  • I've had similar issues to the last comment. There also seems to be a glitch where the auto roll timer doesn't kick in for inactive players?

  • We are currently investigating the issues mentioned in this thread. We do our best to resolve them as soon as possbile.

  • @Administrator wonderful! You guys rock!

  • I have now had the AI player freeze 4 times (playing the Ore for Wool scenario). The AI players plays the Road Building card, lays the first road; freezes before they play the second road.

  • Still doing it, whenever AI plays "Road Building" Development Card.

  • I currently have been playing singleplayer version of the game and at the moment have an Ore for Wool game and a Harbormaster game that is frozen. This is a reoccurring problem that I've had a few days ago. Every time it seems a road building card is played by fourth player position (upper right corner person on screen) and they lay the first road and then the game sticks. I hope this glitch is fixed soon :)

  • I played both Singleplayer versions and had the freeze issue when the AI played a Road Building card. First road laid down, then game freeze. Went in and out of both games, but was unable to resume.

    I noticed that the hex where the roads were being placed had the dice roll number highlighted. I clicked on it, and a road appeared to hover above it as if it were preparing to be placed there. Very odd glitch, but hopefully this explanation might help the Admins narrow down the issue.

    Otherwise, not many issues besides being a little boggy.

  • The Road Building card freeze is notorious, and there are several other threads devoted to that specific problem. It might be best offering your full issue descriptions in those threads (such as this one: although there are soooo many on the road building card), where it can contribute to the existing reports and dialogues about the issue. Particularly if you are having the problem in particular scenarios - that is something that I haven't seen specified before, it might be useful for the developers to know @administrators ?

    I personally have never experienced, although I only ever play the conventional scenario (never played Ore for Wool or Harbourmaster) and only ever play on a web browser.

    I have other repeat issues, but never the road building card one.

  • Hey Administrator, I usually have the freezing problem when I play "knights and cities" and reach victory point 11...

  • administrators

    @goldenbutterfly Do you play the "First Island" scenario? With other humand player or with the AI?

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